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Pizza Ovens In Brisbane

Brick wood fired ovens have been a proven construction method for thousands of years.

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Brisbane by MacDonald Masonry are one and onlys. Each oven is uniquely designed to compliment your personalized outdoor living space. These specialty ovens are hot on the inside, and cool to the touch on the outside, making them safe around children and maximizing their heat retention. Qualified stonemasons, who have combined over 60 years of experience in the masonry business, build all of our ovens to perfection.

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are always an excellent way to entertain, encompassing warmth, food, family and friendship. There is nothing more rewarding than working together around an open fire, and afterwards reaping the benefits of your work.

Outdoor Kitchens and Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are a natural extension of an Australians’ love for preparing and enjoying food in the great outdoors. These ovens are not just for cooking pizzas; you can cook almost anything in them ~ from roast lamb to roast pig, vegetables to breads, and even desserts can be created using a backyard pizza oven. Once you become acquainted with your specialty oven, and understand its full potential, you will create many wonderful tasting meals.

Our ovens are handcrafted on site from base to finish, at a cost much lower than a do-it-yourself job, and take about one week to complete. If you so desire, MacDonald Masonry can provide you with a complete outdoor kitchen and living space, custom built to your specifications, adding counter space, sinks and BBQs to suit your needs.

Of course our services would not be complete without educating you in the process of successfully cooking and enjoying your one-of-a-kind Wood Fired Pizza Oven. At MacDonald Masonry we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and look forward to helping you create that special outdoor living space you have always desired.

Custom Built Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
The Sharen is our most versatile design.

The Sharen is a versatile design.

Each Pizza Oven is individually designed according to the space and the requirements of the customer.

A hand crafted Pizza oven will add value to your home.

For example we can add counter space, refrigeration units, sinks, extra burners or what ever suits the space.

Prices will vary for a basic oven fully installed.

The Sharen (featured in photo) fully installed.

(The paving is not included in the package.)

If you are a foodie that likes to entertain then a wood fired oven built by Macdonald Masonry is for you.

These Pizza Ovens are not only for cooking Pizzas, but can also be used for roasting, baking and anything you could cook in a conventional oven.

Call 0406 50 60 70 today for an obligation free quotation and start enjoying  alfresco living at its best!

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